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    GodsMu S17 P2 x9999 - 15 September!

    Welcome to GodsMu Season 17 Part 2 x9999 server!
    Grand Opening - 15 September!

    Opening time:
    UTC +2, 17.00 - Poland
    UTC +8, 23.00 - Philippines
    UTC -3, 12.00 - Argentina
    Or check countdown in website header!

    Server Information:
    Version: Season 17 Part 2
    Exp: 9999x
    Drop: 75%
    Maximal stats: 32000
    Points per level: 5/7
    Maximal level: 400
    Maximal master level: 1050
    Master level points: 2
    Balanced PvM/PvP
    Max IP Connection: 3

    Reset System:
    In game /reset command
    Stats: Stay
    Items: Stay
    Skills: Stay
    Stay on Spot: Yes
    Reward: 10 W Coins, 100 Goblin Points, 100 Ruud

    Grand Reset System:
    Require: 100 Resets
    In Website Account Panel
    Stats: Stay
    Items: Stay
    Skills: Stay
    Reward: 1000 W Coins

    Starter Freebies:
    Lucky Ticket Set
    Mini Wings
    Starter Pentagram Box
    Starter Zen

    In game Commands:
    /reset - Reset character
    /post - Send a message in global chat
    /pkclear - Clear PK status by player, 10kk*kill count
    /clearinv - Clear inventory from all items
    /cleareventinv - Clear event inventory from all items
    /requests - Allows to define to display all duel and trade request or refuse all by default
    /dcfriend - Disconnect specified character knowing their character name and account password
    /antilag - Command displays in a game help information for antilag system
    /addstr - Add free LevelUpPoints to Strength
    /addagi - Add free LevelUpPoints to Agility
    /addvit - Add free LevelUpPoints to Vitality
    /addene - Add free LevelUpPoints to Energy
    /addcmd - Add free LevelUpPoints to Command (DL only)
    /addstats - Add free LevelUpPoints to all positions equally
    /war - Allows to propose a War to opponent Guild
    /endwar - Allows to force stop Guild War Battle, Game Master or Guild Master can use it
    /battlesoccer - Allows to challenge opposite Guild for a battle Soccer match
    /offlevel - Activates offline leveling system
    /offtrade - Activate off-trade sale, requires setup of personal store first
    /scramble - Command which used in Scramble Word Event

    Chaos Machine Rates:
    Items +10, +11 = 100% (+Luck 25%)
    Items +12, +13 = 90% (+Luck 25%)
    Items +14, +15 = 80% (+Luck 25%)
    Wings 1lvl = 90% (+Luck 20%)
    Wings 2lvl = 90% (+Luck 20%)
    Wings 2.5lvl = 80% (+Luck 20%)
    Wings 3lvl = 70% (+Luck 10%)
    Wings 4lvl = 60% (+Luck 5%)
    Feather of Condor = 90%
    Socket Weapon = 80%
    Fragment of Horn = 100%
    Broken Horn = 80%
    Horn of Fenrir = 60%

    Vote Reward:
    We are offering to our players to get reward for voting for our server in topsites. In order to receive reward you need to do real votes - that means you need to do the captchas (bot, human check) and press on Vote button. We reward our TOP Voters each week on Sunday with extra W Coins.

    Kind Regards,
    GodsMu Team!

    Posted 10/09/2022
    Currently this is only one server.